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Natural Smiles • Jul 07, 2017

It’s time to turn things around. No more smiling with closed lips. No more covering your mouth with a hand as you laugh. No more feelings of embarrassment at parties, work meetings, and especially on dates.
Do you have stained enamel, crooked or uneven teeth, overly prominent gums, or some combination of those and other cosmetic dentistry issues? Even minor problems with your smile can have a major impact on self-esteem and how you choose to conduct your day-to-day life.
At Natural Smiles of Louisville, KY, Dr. Kiran Gill specializes in turning around imperfect grins so that they gleam and are worthy of a megawatt movie star — and you. Call our office at (502) 414-0146 to schedule an appointment and start the journey to a new and improved smile.

Smile Design Is Completely Custom, Completely You
For patients who have just one dental issue that’s bothering them, Dr. Gill offers all of her procedures a la carte. But what if, like many people, you have multiple cosmetic complaints about your teeth? Then you may be a good candidate for a full smile makeover with Smile Design.
Dr. Gill completed hours of special training and is one of only a small number of dentists who are qualified to offer the Smile Design technique. This is no cookie-cutter tooth-straightening or whitening process. Smile Design is completely tailored to you and your mouth. The result is as dazzling as it is natural looking.
The dentist will utilize digital X-rays plus professional cosmetic and intraoral cameras to map in precise detail your mouth’s features, dimensions, and problem spots.She will then craft a one-of-a-kind blueprint and treatment plan that will have you smiling confidently — not self-consciously — in no time. 
What Procedures Are Part of Smile Design?
Your Smile Design will be crafted to your particular needs. Which, and how many, techniques are used will vary from patient to patient. But your personal treatment plan will likely include a combination of the following components.

  • Tooth whitening: we offer Zoom and KoR whitening systems.
  • Dental veneers are thin, tooth-colored sheaths that fit over your teeth and hide rough spots, small gaps, and blemishes.
  • Tooth contouring: are your teeth looking a little scraggly or rough around the edges? We can gently smooth them out so that they look as good as new.
  • Tooth bonding: this is an alternate method to reshaping and smoothing teeth. A resin the color of natural tooth ename is poured over the front of the teeth, filling in cracks, hiding stains, and covering other imperfections.
  • Gum reshaping: if your smile shows more gum than teeth, we can actually remove extra gum tissue with a laser. The process is simple and painless. If your teeth look overly large due to small gums, we are able to use grafting to extend the gum line just the right amount.
  • Tooth straightening: Dr. Gill is a preferred provider for Invisalign. This tooth-straightening system does all the work of traditional orthodontics, but with many advantages. Invisalign is virtually invisible while being worn, fully removable for better cleaning and special occasions, and gets your teeth in shape much more quickly than old-school orthodontics. Bonus: the discrete transparent trays don’t bring back not-so-fond memories of high school and taunts of “metal mouth.”
  • Of course, a beautiful set of teeth is only one aspect of looking your best. At Natural Smiles, we offer Botox® treatments for smoother skin and a younger appearance. Derma fillers can make wrinkles disappear and help fill out thin lips

How Much Will My Smile Makeover Cost?
The cost of your personal treatment plan will depend on which combination of procedures you and Dr. Gill decide is right for you. However, Natural Smiles offers several ways to ease the burden on your wallet if you have no, or limited, insurance coverage.

  • If you are enrolled in Smile Care, our in-house dental discount plan, you will receive a 10% reduction on the cost of all cosmetic procedures that are paid in full at the time of service.
  • We accept all major credit cards, as well as the CareCredit healthcare credit card.
  • Dr. Gill can spread procedures out over multiple visits, so you won’t be responsible for paying an unmanageable amount at any one time.

Are you ready to increase your confidence and get the smile you’ve always wanted? Call our office at (502) 414-0146 to make that first appointment and discuss your options. You may also contact us via our online form.

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