It’s a matter of life and breath: Natural Smiles Dentistry is the first dental practice in Louisville to invest in a Surgically Clean Air purification system for patient care.

Healthy Clean Air Dentistry For Our Patients

Hospitals, Medical Labs, Dental Clinics and Surgery Centers throughout North America are using Surgically Clean Air Purifiers to improve the quality of their Indoor Air for their Patients and their Staff. These world-class medical-grade air purifiers remove : 

  • Allergens 
  • Dust 
  • Bacteria 
  • Odors 
  • Most importantly they kill airborne Viruses, to help reduce the spread of illness. 
healthy clean air dentistry

Our Surgical Air Purifiers vs. Impurities

RTI International has tested several organisms against our Surgical Clean Air Purifier, with resounding results. With a virus organism in the air, the test proved the air purifier removed 99% of the virus in less than 15 minutes. The same results were found in cases of fungal and bacterial organisms, making our purifiers perfect choices for our dental practice.

These purifiers are designed to use short-wave ultraviolet light (UV-C light) to inactivate airborne pathogens and microorganisms. As air is forced through the device, it passes UV lamps, which directly attempt to disinfect the air by means of germicidal irradiation.

A Healthy Clean Air and Relaxing Dentist Experience

When you walk into any healthcare facility, you should feel confident that you are in a safe, clean environment where you will only become healthier. However, healthcare facilities are not immune to air contaminants. Patients come and go every day from their jobs, school, and families, and could unknowingly be releasing a viral organism into the air. At a dental practice, where your mouth is open for long periods of time, patients need a guarantee that the area they are in is clean and safe for their body. We are providing our patients with that guarantee with our new medical grade air purifiers, so you can breathe a (clean) sigh of relief during your appointment.

Natural Smiles Practices Healthy Clean Air Dentistry

Every day, our staff diligently sterilizes the tools we use, the chairs our patients sit in, and our entire office. With our new addition of Clean Air purifiers our dental practice will also have medical-grade, surgically clean air. No matter the time of year or the infections spreading in the Louisville area, you will always have healthy clean dentistry that you can trust at Natural Smiles Dentistry!

If you have any questions about our health and safety standards, or simply wish to know more about our practice, please do not hesitate to Call our office at 502-893-5225.

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