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Many patients interested in porcelain veneers hesitate when it comes to investing in this treatment because they don’t want their natural teeth to be altered. Microthin veneers, however, have changed the world of veneers, eliminating the need for tooth enamel to be shaved off permanently. Dr. Kiran Gill at Natural Smiles is one of the few providers of no-prep Microthin veneers in Louisville, KY, who can deliver a stunning smile makeover without damaging natural teeth.

Veneers vs. Microthin Veneers

Veneers and Microthin veneers are similar – they are both customized to cover up flawed or unsightly teeth and create a beautiful, white, symmetrical smile. Size, length, shape, and color are personalized to the patient, but that’s where the similarities end. Everything you know about traditional veneers is just a little bit different in the world of Microthin veneers:

  • Minimal prep: There is no need to drill or reduce healthy tooth enamel to make room for veneers. Teeth are merely cleaned and sanded as needed.
  • Faster procedure: The application of conventional veneers takes longer because tooth alteration is needed. The Microthin procedure is faster and easier.
  • Fewer materials: The very thin porcelain of Microthin veneers is designed to fit perfectly and minimally over natural teeth without looking bulky or fake. The veneers are layered as needed to build out a smile and are precisely situated to look straight and natural.
  • Reversible: Because natural teeth are not damaged, the Microthin procedure can be reversed, but most patients love their smile makeover so much they never want to change it back to the chips, gaps, stains, or other problems they used to see in the mirror.

Are Microthin Veneers Right for You?

Some patients are just right for a certain type of cosmetic dentistry. The best way to know if Microthin veneers are a good choice for you is to read the following statements and see if any of them apply to you:

  • I am embarrassed by my small teeth.
  • I don’t like my gummy smile.
  • My teeth make me look older than I am.
  • I have crooked teeth but don’t want braces.
  • Teeth whitening doesn’t work on my teeth.
  • My whole smile just looks worn out.
  • I have multiple cracked and chipped teeth.
  • I want a better smile but changing my teeth feels daunting.

Do any of these sentiments resonate with you? If so, it’s time to visit your Louisville cosmetic dentist and start talking cosmetic dentistry, specifically Microthin veneers. You will undergo a dental exam and have digital images taken to see what’s going on with your teeth and to make sure your gums are healthy enough for a smile makeover.

You must have gums and teeth that are free of infection or decay, and it’s important to understand the financial considerations of upgrading your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is not always covered by dental insurance, but your dentist’s financing options and flexibility works to fit any budget so no one is barred from pursuing a life-changing smile makeover with Microthin veneers.

Get Microthin Veneers in Louisville, KY

It’s important to work with an experienced cosmetic dentist when you decide it’s time to upgrade your smile, especially when you are interested in a procedure like veneers. The art of Microthin veneers elevates the conventional veneer treatment, while demanding even greater precision and technical skill.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Gill and her dental team at Natural Smiles in Louisville, KY, to learn more about Microthin veneers, how they work to enhance your teeth, and whether this is the right smile makeover for you. Contact us today.

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