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You never have just jaw pain. It’s migraines, clicking and popping, your teeth feeling “off track”, or even just your face feeling tired or swollen. Your ears probably hurt, too. And what about that toothache? You’ve done internet searches for migraine and headache solutions, but you’ve never been able to put all your symptoms together. It could be that you are suffering from TMJ. You may need treatment from our dental office to finally bring you peace and stop the pain. Call our dental office at 502-893-5225 for your treatment with a Louisville, KY dentist.

What is TMJ?

You keep hearing and seeing TMJ when you search for a solution online to your jaw pain, but what does it mean? TMJ refers to your temporomandibular joint. These are the joints where your jaw hinges on each side. When your bite is off balance, it causes problems with that joint. These problems, as well as chronic pain in the TMJ, are known as TMJ disorder, or TMD.

How did I get TMJ?

Teeth grinding and clenching, whether you know you’re doing it or not, is a major cause of TMJ. It can also be caused by stress or by trauma, such as a car accident.

What are some symptoms you could be experiencing related to your TMJ?

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Dizziness
  • Hearing issues
  • Shoulder aches
  • Jaw noises

If you’re suffering from any combination of these pains and health problems, come by our Louisville, Kentucky office. Dr. Gill and our staff can help you figure out if a treatment could be a solution for you.

How do I know if TMJ treatment is the solution to my migraines and headaches?

Because TMJ can be related to a number of different problems, it can be hard for you figure out on your own if it’s behind your migraines and headaches. Sometimes the fix is as simple as a nightguard made specifically for you. A nightguard protects you from the teeth grinding that wears down your teeth while you sleep and leaves you with pain in the morning. Another solution is a simple injection of facial relaxant which relaxes the facial muscles and gives you relief.

Can I wear my nightguard as an athletic mouthguard?

Nightguards aren’t designed to protect your teeth from a heavy hit the way a custom athletic mouthguard is. Custom athletic mouthguards do more than protect your teeth from accidents. When you exercise, you may clench your teeth a lot, so wearing a mouthguard may help relieve pressure on your TMJ. Ask Dr. Gill about our custom athletic mouthguards if you want to protect your teeth.

TMJ treatment, teeth grinding, migraines, and headaches — if you’re ready for a solution, call us at 502-893-5225 or use our convenient online form to schedule an appointment at Natural Smiles Dentistry in Louisville, Kentucky.

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