Relieving Dental Anxiety

We want to help patients like you to relieve dental anxiety and make peace with our Louisville, KY dentist office. At our Louisville, Kentucky dental office, we treat our patients to the Dental Zen Experience. It’s a reimagined way of offering dental care that soothes both mind and mouth. Get a smile that’s worthy of you without the stress and help you relieve dental anxiety.

What can I expect from the Dental Zen Experience?

The Dental Zen Experience begins with a staff member welcoming you into our dental office with a handshake. Once in the chair, get cozy beneath a fluffy blanket. Still chilly? Warm mittens and a heated neck pillow will melt your tension away. Get settled, then enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee from our Keurig. Juice and spring water are available, if you prefer. After your procedure, revive yourself with a gently scented hot hand towel for your face and hands.

How can the Dental Zen Experience reduce my anxiety?

For years, you’ve wanted to do something about your teeth. They hurt. They don’t look great. You want better, but you haven’t made the appointment. Why not? You might be one of the many people who can’t overcome their dental anxiety to get the care they want or need. Dr. Gill, our Louisville, KY dentist, had these patients in mind when she decided to bring a compassionate approach to dentistry. If it’s the sound of the drill or other tools that puts you on edge, our noise-canceling headphones will keep your ears occupied with a playlist of your own choosing. If movies or TV soothe you more than music, you can watch our overhead TVs during treatment.

What if distractions aren’t enough?

We understand that every patient is different. For patients who need more than entertainment to put them at ease, we offer sedation. For more than a century, dentists have used inhaled sedation to manage patients’ pain and anxiety. You can breathe in this safe, trusted method of sedation without the fear of any residual effect.

Why is aromatherapy important to achieving Dental Zen?

If you’ve ever used lavender, mint, or any other essential oil to relax, you’re already familiar with the calming qualities of aromatherapy. Our neck pillows are filled with flax seed for a comfortable visit in our dental chair and scented with natural herbs to bring you peace during your treatment. Following your treatment, indulge in a fragrant hot hand towel for your face and hands.

If dental anxiety has always plagued you or you are simply interested in more peaceful dental care, visit our office and experience Dental Zen. You can get a preview of the experience over the phone by calling us at 502-893-5225 or use our convenient online form to schedule an appointment with our Louisville, Ky dentist for the complete experience and how we can help you relieve dental anxiety.

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