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Molars do a lot of hard work every day, and sometimes these teeth need extra protection to keep bacteria and plaque from being caught in all their grooves and settling in to cause tooth decay. Dental sealants are an easy and affordable form of preventive dental care available for children and cavity-prone adults at Natural Smiles in Louisville, KY.

How Dental Sealants Work

Some people are more susceptible to cavities than others. Kids especially struggle with maintaining good oral health, even with brushing and flossing help from grown-ups. Children often suffer from repeated instances of tooth decay in their adult molars, where chewy and sticky foods easily get stuck.

Dental sealants are designed to stop problems in the ridges of the chewing surface of molars before cavities have a chance to develop. This treatment targets the back molars in particular, which are the hardest to reach and clean thoroughly, and serves as an extra layer of protection for a tooth.

Cavity Prevention: The Dental Sealants Procedure

Dental sealants are applied quickly and easily in a non-invasive measure. In one brief dental visit, enamel will be fully protected against plaque and bacteria. Here is how the process works:

  • Prep: The tooth earmarked for treatment is isolated and dried completely. The surface is also roughened. These preparations allow for the sealant to adhere completely to a tooth.
  • Application: Sealants are clear or tooth-colored, so they blend into enamel. The liquid material, made of a thin, plastic, non-toxic resin, is painted over the chewing surface.
  • Bonding: A special light is targeted onto the sealant to help it harden in place, creating the final smooth surface and protective barrier for the enamel.

Once the sealants are complete, you only need to wait 30 minutes before eating again, starting with soft foods. If you keep up with at-home oral hygiene and visit your Louisville dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups, this preventive treatment can last for a decade or more. Reapplication is possible if there are any breaks.

Best Candidates for Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are typically recommended for children, especially those who are prone to developing cavities, have molars that are heavily grooved, or have thin tooth enamel. Adults fit into these categories too and you can ask your dentist about whether this type of dental care is the right choice for your oral health or if you need a more robust solution to protect your teeth.

If you’re not sure about investing in dental sealants for your child or yourself, keep the following in mind:

  • This treatment is cost-effective by minimizing the need for tooth-colored fillings, root canal therapy, and porcelain crowns.
  • The recipient avoids developing tooth pain from toothaches because decay-causing bacteria is significantly reduced.
  • Non-invasive sealants are a win-win for the most anxious patients, who worry about a dentist’s drill and the treatment for a cavity.
  • Even if a tooth has developed decay and receives a filling, sealants can be used after restoration to add one more layer of protection and prevent future problems.

Get Dental Implants in Louisville, KY

Your Louisville dentist recommends the application of dental sealants for children as soon as adult molars erupt fully above the gumline. Any adults who get multiple cavities in the same molars may also want to consider sealants. This preventive measure is an appropriate move for almost any age with your dentist’s recommendation.

In just one dental visit, your teeth can be protected from cavities. Find out if you or your child is a good candidate for dental sealants by scheduling a visit at Natural Smiles in Louisville, KY.

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