4 Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for a Whiter Smile

whiter teeth cosmetic dentistry treatments louisville ky dentist

If whiter teeth are the priority for your smile makeover, you have plenty of choices at your fingertips to achieve this goal. Cosmetic dentistry treatments deliver a whiter smile (along with plenty of other perks) – it’s up to you and your Louisville dentist to review every possibility and choose the best one for transforming … Read more

5 Facts About Pinhole Gum Treatment

pinhole gum treatment natural smiles louisville ky

Many people mistakenly believe gum grafts are the only way to correct recessed gums, a procedure that causes discomfort and takes quite a lot of time to heal. Enter pinhole gum treatment, a less-invasive alternative that repairs the cosmetic and functional complications of gum recession. Here are some of the most important things to know … Read more

Veneers: More Affordable Than You Think

affordable veneers cost natural smiles louisville ky

If you know anything about celebrities and VIPs, you know they have plenty of help getting just the right look – and that includes acquiring a megawatt smile. Because of this, you may think the same kind of smile makeover isn’t achievable for regular people, like you. But porcelain veneers are far more affordable than … Read more

Why Patients Love Laser Gum Contouring

laser gum recontouring natural smiles louisville ky

A gummy smile has an atypical ratio of gum to tooth enamel and this fact is revealed every time a person smiles. While some people are happy to rock their pink smiles and proudly show off what DNA gave them, others wish they could get rid of their excess gum tissue. If you fit into … Read more

Modern Dentures Are Better Than Ever

modern dentures louisville ky dentist natural smiles

Most people hear the word “dentures” and think of their grandparents or older people they know who have obvious false teeth. If you have missing teeth, the thought of dentures might make you apprehensive, but a tooth replacement solution is necessary. No one wants an unreliable restoration that can embarrass them without warning, but modern … Read more

The Best Teeth Whitening Choice You Can Make

teeth whitening natural smiles louisville ky

There are plenty of over-the-counter teeth-whitening options available – toothpastes, gels, white strips, the list goes on. The results of these products are not guaranteed, but it can be tempting to purchase them because you just want whiter teeth and you want them now. What many people discover is that the best teeth whitening choice … Read more

Invisalign by the Numbers

Invisalign by the numbers natural smiles louisville ky

There are many things associated with Invisalign, but not everyone thinks of numbers first. As it turns out, there are many digits that represent different elements of this orthodontic alternative. Find out how Invisalign by the numbers really works and why every detail is pertinent to your treatment.

Read more

Spooky or Sweet? Digesting the Invisalign Cost Breakdown

Invisalign cost natural smiles louisville ky dentist

Any dental treatment that involves teeth realignment is pricey. If you train your mind to think of Invisalign as an investment instead of a cost, though, you’ll have room to remind yourself of the many benefits that come from having a straight smile. Invisalign gives you teeth that are aligned, of course, but they’re also … Read more

How Cosmetic Tooth Bonding Can Fix Your Smile

cosmetic tooth bonding natural smiles louisville ky

It’s good to know what you’re potentially getting into before you go to the dentist. Though you are aware of what to expect from a regular teeth-cleaning and checkup, what if you have a damaged tooth or want a small cosmetic upgrade? Your dentist just might recommend cosmetic tooth bonding, a quick, versatile cosmetic dentistry … Read more

Go Back to School with Invisalign

invisalign back to school natural smiles louisville

Braces aren’t only for teenagers. Millions of adults have used Invisalign to straighten their smiles, and one of the best times to start the journey is during the back-to-school season, whether you’re a parent, administrator, instructor, or student. The Discreet Way to Straighten Your Smile Most adults can’t imagine life with braces. They envision a … Read more

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