After training in larger cities like Miami and Los Angeles, our Louisville, KY dentist Dr. Gill decided to started her Louisville, KY dental practice. Her focus on cosmetic dentistry and commitment to delivering leading-edge care will have you smiling — literally.

Soothing Treatment Rooms

At our dental office, we place a premium on your comfort. We pamper our patients with lush blankets, warm mittens, and aromatherapy. We call it the Dental Zen Experience. Dr. Gill also believes in using the least invasive, most advanced techniques in dentistry.

Beauty and Health Treatments for Your Teeth

Wanting to look your best isn’t vain. If the appearance of your smile is just as important to you as the health of your smile, our office specializes in both. Dr. Gill has advanced training in cosmetic dentistry and full-mouth reconstruction.

Dr. Gill is highly knowledgeable in the discipline of Smile Design. She begins every cosmetic procedure by custom tailoring a smile to fit your features and facial symmetry. During your cosmetic procedure at Natural Smiles, you’ll find that we use the latest in dental technology: Sirona lasers to give your gums the shape you want, intraoral and professional cosmetic cameras, and digital X-rays.

Materials That Fit Your Health Choices

Dr. Gill knows that you’re mindful about what goes into your body, so she never uses metal at her practice, and all of her materials are mercury-free. She’s a preferred provider of Invisalign, a metal-free braces system that will get your teeth straight discreetly, and she offers dental crowns and fillings in ceramic and porcelain for a look and feel that most resembles your actual teeth.

If you’d like to learn more about what we’re bringing to the Louisville community and the surrounding areas, or to see us in person, call us at 502-893-5225 or use our convenient online form to make your first appointment today.

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