Dental Zen Transforms Smiles While Nurturing the Soul

Natural Smiles • Jul 01, 2017

Imagine a dentist’s office that’s calming, not clinical. Imagine a practitioner who puts as much thought into your comfort as she does your teeth. Imagine walking into the waiting room and wondering: “Am I visiting the dentist or a spa?”
If you live in or around Louisville, KY, you are in luck. Dr. Kiran Gill has succeeded in creating a whole new type of dental experience at her practice, Natural Smiles. Her distinctive approach is called Dental Zen, and it is proof that visiting the dentist does not have to be an something to fear. Call (502) 414-0146 to schedule an appointment at Natural Smiles and experience Dental Zen yourself.

Dental Zen Minimizes Anxiety
Your spa-like experience at Natural Smiles will begin the moment you walk into the office.
All our staff members are warm, friendly, and accommodating. You will be greeted at the door with a handshake. You can then sit back in our beautifully designed waiting room, which is decorated in serene blues and greens.We offer several amenities to help you get comfortable in the dentist’s chair. Soft blankets and mittens keep you cozy through the examination. Our heated neck pillows and hot towels are gently scented to bring you the soothing benefits of aromatherapy.  Distraction is always a good method for keeping nervousness at bay. At Natural Smiles, you can drown out the whine of the drill and other nerve-wracking sounds with our noise-cancelling headphones. Use them to listen to your favorite tunes or watch a show on the overhead television.  So you’re still apprehensive about your appointment? Don’t worry — Dr. Gill is happy to offer nitrous oxide sedation for patients who need a little more help taking the edge off. 
Dr. Gill Goes Above and Beyond
You know what else helps relieve dental anxiety? The confidence that you’ve entrusted your care to the best possible person. Dr. Gill is a fierce believer in staying on top of the latest advances in the field and embraces the use of technology to better serve patients. In her continuing education, she goes far beyond the ADA’s recommendations.
“Dental techniques are improving, advanced technology is making it easier and less invasive to do dentistry, and new, more biocompatible materials are better for patients. It is our duty to our patients to always keep getting better and better. That’s how strongly I believe in my commitment to my patients. “ —Dr. Kiran Gill

Dental Zen Gets Results
So what does Dental Zen feel like in real life? Patients who visit Natural Smiles rave about the office’s calming environment, plus the friendly and reassuring demeanors of Dr. Gill and her staff. Here are the stories of just some of Dr. Gill’s patients and how Dental Zen changed their attitudes about visiting the dentist.

Belle H. was fearful of shots and any sort of needle, and was therefore apprehensive when Dr. Gill informed her she had cavities that required fillings (the first of her life). But she made it through the experience with the nurturing assistance of the Natural Smiles staff.  
“Everyone here was so relaxed and very calming. They let you know what they’re doing before they do it. They make you feel like you’re part of their family.”

Brandon M. came to Natural Smiles due to tooth pain that prevented him from eating many of his favorite foods. Dr. Gill created a custom plan for him that made his mouth pain free and fully functional again.
“From the moment I walked in, everyone was extremely friendly and nice to me. All my concerns, all my needs were met. [Dr. Gill] communicates everything she’s going to do to do before you do it, and it really helps to relieve any kind of anxiety I have whenever I walk into the dentist’s office. You are going to be comfortable, you are going to enjoy the experience, and you are going to be well taken care of.”

Kennisha F. entrusts Natural Smiles with her entire family’s dental needs.
“Knowing that our kids are individuals here, they are going to really take care of them in a loving way makes a big difference. A lot of kids have anxieties and fears about dental work, but they embrace each of our children. Our kids love coming here. This is a family dentist, and I really like that atmosphere.”

These are just a few of the fantastic patient testimonials about the Natural Smiles way. Ready to discover Dental Zen for yourself? Call our Louisville, KY office at (502) 414-0146 to book an appointment. Or fill out our online form.

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