Dental Implants: The Permanent Way to Replace Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are a common oral health problem. Unfortunately, it’s also common that many people choose not to do anything about filling the holes in their smile. Most folks want to avoid dentures of any kind, so they choose to live with a broken-down smile rather than risk a recommendation for an oral health repair they don’t want. Time to bypass any negatives you envision and learn about the beauty of dental implants.

Dental Implants Can Replace Nearly Any Missing Tooth

There are several elements that need to be in place for dental implants to work as a restorative dentistry solution:

  • Good oral health: Before any restorative dentistry can commence, a person’s mouth must be free of disease and infection. If you have gum disease of any degree, it must be completely cleaned up before dental implant surgery can be scheduled.
  • Plentiful bone density: Because dental implants are surgically placed in the jawbone – upper or lower jaw – they need somewhere to root. Bone density can wither the longer that teeth are missing and, in some circumstances, a bone graft will be needed so a dental implant can be a reality.
  • Patience: No matter where you fall on the spectrum of “ready for dental implants,” patience is required all along the way. This is a lengthy procedure and healing process and can take months to complete. Trust that your Louisville dentist is moving you forward as quickly as possible without taking any risks when it comes to complete success.

Correct Multiple Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

One of the greatest things about dental implants as a restorative dentistry treatment is that they can be used to replace one or several teeth. If you’ve had a tooth knocked out because of an accident or sports injury, if you’ve had a few teeth extracted, or if you’ve lost teeth over time because of poor oral health, there is an answer for everything.

  • Single tooth replacement: All it takes is one dental implant, abutment, and prosthesis to fill in the blank left by one missing tooth.  
  • Full upper or lower replacement: Whether you’ve shunned dentures or unhappily wear them, you can avoid a life with adhesives and unreliability with four to six dental implants topped permanently with a full denture or multiple bridges.
  • Front teeth replacement: Yes, front teeth can be replaced with dental implants too. Whether incisors or cuspids, there is no need to go through life with a gap in your smile.
  • Molar replacement: Missing molars aren’t as readily noticed as other teeth, but choosing to replace them avoids the slippery slope of eventually losing more teeth and dealing with a compromised face shape.

Get Dental Implants in Louisville, KY

Dr. Kiran Gill at Natural Smiles in Louisville, KY, is available to discuss dental implants and other restorative dentistry solutions for your smile. Schedule a consultation at her dental office to find out what’s best for your oral health and what treatments will restore your smile permanently.

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