Invisalign by the Numbers

There are many things associated with Invisalign, but not everyone thinks of numbers first. As it turns out, there are many digits that represent different elements of this orthodontic alternative. Find out how Invisalign by the numbers really works and why every detail is pertinent to your treatment.

1 Year

Typically, Invisalign treatment lasts about 12 months. This year of dental care isn’t set in stone. Moving teeth is a tricky job and can alter depending on how well teeth and patients cooperate. But you will know the ballpark timeline since it is determined quite solidly right from the start, before you even have an aligner snugly on your teeth.

2 Weeks

Most people get treatment on top and bottom teeth at the same time and they wear customized aligners to move teeth and roots a few at a time until the entire smile is in alignment. Each set of aligners is worn for approximately two weeks before changing to the next set and moving Invisalign along.

20 to 22 Hours

One of the biggest rules of Invisalign is that the patient must have the aligners in their mouth for the bulk of every day – no less than 20 hours and, ideally, closer to 22 hours. If you think this sounds unreasonable, let’s put it in perspective – someone with conventional metal braces never gets a break from their orthodontia. They wear the brackets and wires constantly. Invisalign patients get to remove their trays for meals and cleanings so nothing gets in the way of their favorite foods or easy cleaning.

6 to 8 Weeks

No one wants to spend week after week at their orthodontist’s office if they can help it. Invisalign fits into your life in yet another way by demanding checkups only every six to eight weeks. At these visits, your dentist will review how well your teeth are moving, whether any part of the plan needs to change, and they will give you your next sets of aligners to take home and carry on with the treatment.

3 or 4 Times

Cleaning and care are major parts of successful Invisalign treatment. When you remove your trays for meals, follow them up with a thorough cleaning so you’re putting back spotless aligners on your teeth. Do this three or four times a day and your smile and trays will stay shining and discreet so you can alter your smile without anyone knowing about it.

Get an A+ in Invisalign 101

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