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Natural Smiles • Jan 11, 2017

By some estimates, over 130 million people in this country experience some degree of dental anxiety. At Natural Smiles in Louisville, KY, we think that’s unacceptable and we’re doing something about it.
Dental anxiety keeps people from getting needed dental care. Teeth develop problems that simply didn’t have to occur. Gums become inflamed and cause further problems. Embarrassment over those problems keep people from getting help. It’s a vicious circle that causes too much unnecessary suffering due to dental anxiety, not to mention the additional time and cost to correct those problems.
When you choose Natural Smiles, you’re in for a unique experience that goes far to relieve many of the factors underlying dental anxiety.
Welcome to Dental Zen
Our Dental Zen experience creates a spa-like atmosphere that is miles away from the traditional dental office. It’s starts with greeting you. We’re big on handshakes, and you’ll be warmly welcomed the first time, and every time, you enter our practice.
Do you hate feeling rushed at the dentist’s office? No worries – once you’re in a treatment chair, you have a range of comfort and convenience options. You can snuggle under a fluffy blanket and even request mittens to avoid anxiety-induced cold hands. Relax further with a heated neck pillow and enjoy the added calming effects of aromatherapy. Our neck pillows are scented with calming herbs such as lavender, mint, or other essential oils.
Your comfort and relaxation are our first goals each and every time we see you.
Once you’re settled, you can enjoy a nice cup of hot tea or Keurig coffee, spring water or juice.
Sights and Sounds
Do you hate the sound of the dental drill? If so, you’re in good company. Many people find that the whine of the drill makes them nervous. Take advantage of our noise-cancelling headphones and a playlist of your choosing. Or perhaps television works better as a distraction. Enjoy a movie or a broadcast program on our overhead flat-screen TVs during your visit.
Once your procedure is completed, refresh yourself with a scented, hot hand towel for your hands and face.
A Little More Help for Dental Anxiety
At Natural Smiles, we know that for some people, dental anxiety runs deeps. Mild dental sedation in the form of nitrous oxide is the answer. This safe, effective, short-term form of sedation has been used by dentists for over a century to induce a calm, relaxed state. The effects of inhaling the gas wear off very quickly, so you won’t need someone to provide chauffeur services for your appointment.
Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Keep You From a Beautiful Smile
Natural Smiles is committed to delivering expert dental care in the most relaxed atmosphere you’ve ever experienced in a dental office. Let us show you how you anxiety can melt away. Feel free to visit our office, or call us at 502-804-5420 to preview the Dental Zen experience that awaits.
You can also use our convenient online form to schedule an appointment. Dr. Gill and all of us at Natural Smiles look forward to the opportunity to provide your best dental experience ever.

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