Craig Explains How to Get a Whiter Smile [Video]

Natural Smiles • Aug 05, 2018

Patients consistently ask our Louisville cosmetic dentist how to get a whiter smile. Whether you just have surface stains, deeper stains, or even tooth stains from medication, Dr. Kiran Gill has solutions.
Professional teeth whitening can blast away stains that store-bought whitening can’t touch. For intrinsic stains, dental veneers provide a beautiful solution. And they can hide all the other cosmetic flaws in your smile, like cracked or uneven teeth. Dr. Gill can even help patients who have a family history of dingy teeth.
Listen to our patient Craig explain how Dr. Gill got his teeth whiter, despite stained teeth running in his family. To get a brighter smile like Craig, call Natural Smiles at 502-414-0146. You can request a consultation at our Louisville dentist office via online form as well.

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