5 Reasons to See a Louisville, KY Dentist

Natural Smiles • Aug 10, 2018

There are many reasons to see a Louisville, KY dentist. You might be thinking that dental pain is one of the top reasons, and you would be right. But Natural Smiles has seen enough patients over the years to know that there are other legitimate reasons to visit us, too. Take a look at five of these below, then give our office a call to set up a visit with Dr. Gill – and get your smile just the way you want it.

You Have Dental Pain
This is one of the most common reasons people who have even avoided the dentist for years come to see us. We hate that people are so afraid of the dentist that they wait until their pain is too distracting or even intolerable. But we understand that bad experiences and other factors can keep people away.
There’s no need to fear the dentist at Natural Smiles. Why?

  • We have modern, effective solutions for your pain. For example, our gum care can be done more quickly and comfortably with lasers. Our metal-free crowns can restore damaged or decayed teeth.
  • Our Dental Zen Experience keeps you relaxed. In fact, it’s like a spa here – pillows, blankets, aromatherapy, noise-cancelling headphones with music or TV are just a few ways we cater to you.
  • Dental sedation can set people at ease who need more than our creature comforts.
  • Perhaps most important for some people, we do not judge you. You’ll always get a warm greeting, a listening ear, and sympathy for your situation, even if time has slipped away and caused you to neglect your teeth. We’ve found this approach helps patients get back on the path to good oral health, and stay on it.

You Have Dental Embarrassment
As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Gill has seen pretty much every situation that causes embarrassment over smiles. So please don’t feel like your situation is too embarrassing for even us to see! Many problems are not even your fault but are the result of genetics, time, and more.
If you don’t like the shape, size, color, function, or alignment of your teeth, it’s time to see Dr. Gill. Even if you are missing teeth, we can make your smile whole again. From the smallest flaw to widespread problems that require a full-mouth reconstruction or smile makeover, you can trust we’ll work hard to restore a confident smile.
Imagine what it would be like to never hide your smile again or wonder what others are thinking about your teeth. We can help provide that freedom.

You Have Chronic Jaw Pain or Headaches
Many people don’t think to visit the dentist when they have chronic jaw pain, headaches, or even ear aches. All these symptoms, however, could indicate a TMJ disorder. Malfunctions, injuries, or other problems with your TMJ, or jaw joint, can cause this disorder. So can teeth grinding.
Dr. Gill offers custom solutions for TMJ depending on your situation. If you have unexplained jaw pain, ask her if TMJ therapy could help you. This includes oral appliances and even FDA-approved injections that relax the jaw muscles.

Your Gums Are Sore, Swollen, Bleeding, or Recessed
Bleeding, sore, swollen, or red gums are not normal. Please call our office if you’ve been experiencing these gum disease symptoms. We have many ways to treat this and get your gums back to health. Our patients appreciate our laser gum therapy. And if your gums have receded – usually as a result of gum disease – we offer a revolutionary treatment to restore their appearance. Unlike traditional gum surgery, it requires no stitches or sutures.
If you’ve just started noticing the symptoms, you may be in the early stages, called gingivitis. A good, professional dental cleaning at Natural Smiles may be enough to reverse this problem.

You Haven’t Been to the Dentist in at Least 6 Months
To prevent problems or treat them in the most conservative way possible, we recommend you visit our Louisville dental office at least twice a year. Like we just mentioned, we could even catch gum disease early so that you never have to deal with this chronic condition again. We can keep your teeth shiny and clean to prevent stains. We can also detect cavities in their earliest stages so that you may not even need a filling. If you do, though, we’ll place a tooth-colored filling that’s basically indistinguishable from the rest of your tooth.

Trust a World-Class Dentist When You Need One
Whether your reasons to see a Louisville, KY dentist are just preventive or are from pain or embarrassment, we have the training, treatments, and trustworthy team you deserve. For excellent, compassionate smile care, call Natural Smiles at 502-414-0146. If you prefer, you can fill out our online form.

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