Choose the Right Color for Your Veneers

You’ve made the exciting decision to get porcelain veneers. The next big choice is to select the right color veneers. The obvious answer, you may think, is “white.” But there are many shades of porcelain and only a few colors that will work best for you. Here is how to choose the right color for your porcelain veneers so your smile makeover looks natural and flawless.

Be Open-Minded

You’ve seen plenty of celebs and VIPs with super-white teeth. These actors, politicians, and models have their own smile makeovers, and the stunning whiteness of their teeth usually works for their professions. Your teeth, though, should never be so white they look fake, so be open-minded about the shade you settle upon for your own veneers. Super-white veneers on a teacher, lawyer, scientist, electrician, salesperson, or otherwise isn’t necessarily the natural-looking choice.

Listen to Your Cosmetic Dentist

Your Louisville cosmetic dentist has had plenty of experience in developing porcelain veneers for her patients. Listen to her advice as she guides you in trying out and considering different shades of white for your smile makeover. Careful guidance prevents you from selecting the wrong color of white, so enjoy the knowledge and talent of your dentist so you end up with just the right shade for your smile.

Accept the Parameters

The goal for any smile upgrade is to make your teeth look flattering for you and you alone. The right color veneers are impacted by the following:

  • Skin tone
  • Whites of your eyes
  • Age
  • Gender

Contrast is important, but so is making your teeth blend in with the rest of your appearance so they complement your overall look. After all, you want your teeth to be so fabulous that people will be envious of your luck in the genetics department.

Deciding on Veneer Characteristics

It’s not just the color of the porcelain that impacts the final color of your veneers. Here are all the characteristics that must be considered as your new smile is developed:

  • Color of natural teeth: The teeth under your veneers may be sanded down slightly to make room for the porcelain shields, but they aren’t going anywhere. Their color impacts overall color of your smile makeover because the veneers are thin. If you have yellowish teeth, a softer white veneer may be the right choice while more opaque veneers might be better for darker enamel.
  • Translucency: Light passes through natural teeth and gives them their shine. Veneers need to do the same thing, so the porcelain is crafted for the right level of translucency to allow veneers to reflect light and look natural.
  • Value: Veneer brightness is known as its value. This characteristic combines with translucency to create a balanced tone for each tooth. This allows for an even appearance across each veneer instead of a monochrome, unnatural look.

Get Veneers in Louisville

Ultimately, you get to decide what you want your teeth to look like, but take all the facets of this smile makeover into consideration. Veneers are a long-lasting, permanent upgrade for your teeth. Schedule a consultation with Louisville dentist Dr. Kiran Gill to discuss your smile. Contact us to make an appointment.

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