5 Signs You’re a Good Invisalign Candidate

The many adults and teens who qualify as Invisalign candidates have many of the same smile goals in common. There is no one right reason to want a straight smile, but if you’re not sure if you’re the ideal patient for this discreet smile makeover treatment, talk to your certified Louisville Invisalign provider.

1. You don’t want food limitations.

Invisalign and freedom go hand in hand. For wearers of conventional braces, there is less freedom because their brackets and wires are attached to their teeth and the wrong foods could cause serious damage to their hardware. Invisalign patients remove their aligners for every meal and snack, so there are no limitations on foods or beverages. As long as you clean your teeth well after you eat, before you put the clear trays back in your mouth, you can take advantage of the freedom of Invisalign.

2. You didn’t have braces as a teenager (or maybe you did).

If your adolescence was not marked by orthodontics, you haven’t lost the opportunity to get a straight smile. Invisalign is the alignment choice of adults, who want a teeth-straightening method that doesn’t interrupt their job, social life, or appearance.

Even if you did have braces as a teen, but you didn’t wear your retainer as instructed and your teeth relapsed, there is a less intense version of Invisalign that might be all you need to correct your smile problems in no time.

3. Your oral health is suffering.

Our adult teeth are supposed to last for a lifetime, but some people suffer with serious oral health complications repeatedly because of the alignment of their smile. You may be more likely to have TMJ problems because of misalignment, which can lead to worn and damaged teeth, or crowded or oddly placed teeth may be difficult to clean, which leads to tooth decay.

Straightening teeth with Invisalign results not only in a good-looking smile, but a healthy one that is easy to clean and functions perfectly.

4. You don’t want to be uncomfortable.

The brackets and wires of conventional braces can sometimes be uncomfortable. They can poke and jab the soft tissues of the mouth and feel like they get in the way of your lips. Invisalign aligners are thin, so they fit snugly against the teeth, and your lips move gently around the appliances.

No matter what kind of orthodontics you might undergo, there will be some pressure as your teeth shift into their proper places, but this is an easy adjustment and patients get used to it quickly, feeling motivated by the obvious changes that are taking place within their smile.

5. Speed is of the essence.

Invisalign takes time to complete, but it’s typically faster than metal braces, moving both teeth and roots at the same time, which speeds up the process. On average, a typical course of Invisalign for both the upper and lower teeth requires about one year of treatment. There are some patients who can take advantage of less intensive versions of Invisalign and have their alignment completed in under a year.

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