6 Great Things About KöR Teeth Whitening

Do you want white teeth? Really white teeth? There is one cosmetic dentistry treatment that is worth your time and effort and really makes a shining difference in tooth enamel: KöR teeth whitening. Many people who aren’t eligible for typical teeth whitening, in fact, discover that KöR can work for them and give them that amazing white smile they’ve long coveted. Here are just some of the great things about KöR teeth whitening.

1. Powerful Treatment

Not every teeth whitening treatment is right for every smile, but KöR often works where other treatments don’t. When stains are down deep in the tooth enamel, some of the more popular whitening procedures simply can’t reach them and break them up for good, but KöR can. The powerful bleaching components of this whitener are beyond compare.

2. Two-Part Treatment

KöR teeth whitening is an investment in your time. It’s not only your typical one-hour teeth whitening treatment – it’s a more intense and upgraded version that begins in your own home.

After being fitted for a customized whitening tray – which is molded to fit perfectly and comfortably – you are sent home with bleaching material. You fill the whitening trays at home as instructed and wear the trays over two consecutive weeks, usually while sleeping. This step gets the whitening started and the results you will begin to see soon after is exciting and motivating.

The second part of the KöR bleaching happens at your Louisville dentist’s office – this is the one appointment that really brings out the white, bright, sparkling smile. No over-the-counter whitening products can compete with the power of the dental-grade at-home treatment and its ingredients and the in-office follow-up treatment.

3. No Sensitivity

One of the things many patients worry about when it comes to powerful whitening treatments is discomfort. KöR has a built-in desensitizing element that minimizes the chances of any sensitivity to the bleaching agents, both at home and in the dentist’s office.

4. Your Teeth Will Sparkle

You know the toothpaste commercials where the little star is added to the actor’s teeth? You’ll feel like you’re living that TV life every time you smile. KöR is the cosmetic dentistry treatment that’s known for actually making teeth sparkle. And who doesn’t love a little bling in their smile?

5. Eliminate Antibiotic Stains

Those antibiotic stains that you’ve been told can never be whitened out, that can only be covered up? Well, KöR just might be the magic solution. This gray, brown, or yellow discoloration that you thought was permanent may be eliminated with this powerful whitening treatment. Your Louisville dentist will tell you for sure.

6. You Might Qualify for This One

If you’ve been told in the past that you can’t have your teeth professionally whitened because of the types of stains you have or the color of your tooth enamel, it’s worth a second opinion from a dentist who offers KöR teeth whitening. This treatment breaks up even the most stubborn stains and gives you the white smile you’ve been dreaming about.

Find out for sure if KöR can work for you. Schedule a consultation at Natural Smiles in Louisville, KY, with Dr. Kiran Gill and her team to learn about all the ways your smile can be brightened, whitened, and beautified.

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