We Have Your Tooth-Whitening Solutions [video]

Natural Smiles • Jul 25, 2017

You brush, floss, and visit the dentist every six months. So why are your teeth looking so dingy and dark? Lots of things can contribute to stained, unattractive teeth: coffee, tea, smoking — and just plain age.
That doesn’t mean you have to accept that you’ll never have a dazzling white smile again. At Natural Smiles of Louisville, KY, we offer two effective, dentist-supervised tooth-whitening systems, Kör and Zoom.
Call us today at (502) 414-0146 to find out how we can make your smile shine again. Or you may reach Natural Smiles through our web form.
For more information on the causes and solutions for stained teeth, watch this video from the American Dental Association:

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