Protect Your Teeth with the Right Kind of Mouth Guard

Mouth guards come in two different options: a night guard for people who grind their teeth and a sports mouth guard for heavy-hitting athletes. The most important thing in both circumstances is to protect your oral health and minimize the chance of pain and damage.

Who Needs a Night Guard?

People who grind and clench their teeth at night suffer from a condition known as sleep bruxism. This complication not only produces painful side effects like headaches, pain, and popping jaws, it leads to serious dental damage such as enamel erosion, gum recession, and damaged dental work.

Teeth are incredibly strong and when they’re aggressively pitted against each other all night while you sleep, they will do damage. A customized night guard is a simple, powerful solution, a heavily reinforced mouthpiece that protects your teeth from each other.

Sports Mouth Guards: Essential Equipment for Athletes

There is plenty of gear that goes in every athlete’s gym bag, from cleats to uniforms. One of the most essential parts of safe play is wearing a customized sports mouth guard. This pliable piece of equipment is recommended by the American Dental Association for high-impact sports like basketball, hockey, boxing, or soccer. The sports mouth guard protects against broken teeth, knocked out teeth, cut gums, and damage to dental work.

What If You Wear Invisalign?

Teeth grinders usually gain some protection from their Invisalign aligners at night. The trays can help offset the bruxism habit and, eventually, your bite will adjust in the right direction which will minimize the likelihood of teeth grinding. If you are still waking with pain or chewing through your aligners, talk to your Louisville Invisalign provider to find out how to address the problem.

The Look of a Mouth Guard

Mouth guards aren’t meant to be pretty or blend into your smile like Invisalign. A mouth guard might be white, clear, or colorful. Ultimately, the most important element is the bulk and strength of the appliance. It protects teeth from each other and protects the soft tissues of your mouth from your teeth.

Your dentist’s options for the right mouth guard for you will vary based on the state of your oral health and why you need a guard. No matter what, you can anticipate a seamless, comfortable fit thanks to careful customization, no matter how the mouth guard looks After all, you’re sleeping when you wear the appliance, or you’re too busy focusing on playing a game to worry about what you look like. Protecting your teeth is somewhat about vanity, but the materials you need to make that protection happen should make you anything but vain.

Get a Mouth Guard from Your Louisville Dentist

Mouth guards can be purchased over the counter, but these are a dangerous option. A personalized mouth guard fits better, stays in place better, and offers essential protection. If you grind your teeth or you or your child plays a contact-heavy sport, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kiran Gill at Natural Smiles in Louisville, KY, to talk about protecting your teeth with a personalized mouth guard.

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