Fear prevents many people from seeking out the dental care they want to be happy with their appearance or that they need to lead a pain-free life. Our Louisville, KY dentist provides a Dental Zen Experience to ease your dental anxiety.

What if I get tense just being in the dental office?

Relaxation therapy is a large part of the Dental Zen Experience. At our office, we make you nice and comfy with warm mittens and blankets. A neck pillow infused with a calming herbal fragrance and noise-canceling headphones playing your own music will whisk your mind away from our office while Dr. Gill makes over your smile. You can also enjoy overhead televisions and your favorite refreshment during the procedure, as well as a hot towel for your face and hands to refresh you following treatment.

How does your staff put patients at ease?

Our team creates the Dental Zen Experience as soon as you step through our door by greeting you with a handshake. We aim to make every patient a long-term patient by treating them like family. By listening closely to your concerns and patiently answering any questions you might have, we gain your trust and put you at ease. We make it possible for you to move past your fears and receive dental care.

What if I’m scared of pain?

While we do all we can to ease your fear through the Dental Zen Experience, our Louisville, KY dentist offers inhaled sedation in addition to local anesthesia to manage physical discomfort.

Call us today at 502-785-8695 or use our convenient online form to schedule your Dental Zen Experience. We’ll create a treatment plan that respects your need for comfort and leaves you with a brilliant smile.

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