Chewing pain can ruin the finest of dining experiences. Eat with ease following full-mouth reconstruction. After a thorough consultation with our Louisville, KY dentist, our dental team can create a plan to transform your mouth.

How can I rebuild my mouth?

Bring the foods you love back to your plate with a full-mouth reconstruction. Sometimes life gets in the way of good dental care, and the chewing pain pile ups. A full-mouth reconstruction combines multiple procedures to finally bring you comfort while eating. Your treatment package could include procedures like crowns and bridges, dentures, and dental implants. During a consultation with Dr. Gill at her Louisville, Kentucky office, she will walk you through your options.

What if full-mouth reconstruction makes me anxious?

Our office specializes in the Dental Zen Experience. From your very first visit, our Louisville, KY dentist and warm staff will make you feel like family. To put you at ease during your treatment, we offer a warm neck pillow, a plush blanket, and noise-canceling headphones so you can listen to your own music. Inhaled sedation is available to settle any remaining nervousness. Following the procedure, refresh your face and hands with a fragrant face towel. We do all we can to make you comfortable while in our care.

How have dentures changed?

Our cosmetic dentures are carefully crafted in-house to provide a beautiful solution to ease the chewing pain and appearance that comes with the loss of permanent teeth.

You can also choose dental implants to replace your lost teeth. Unlike dentures, you never need to remove them. Dental implants are the most effective restorative option. They can help prevent further bone and gum deterioration that results from missing teeth.

Why do my teeth feel loose?

Gum disease affects millions of Americans. If not treated, it can make your teeth feel loose or even cause them to fall out. Our Louisville, KY dentist  offers scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) to help keep your gums healthy. We recommend a strict three-to-four-month therapy process to keep the disease under control. This gum disease therapy may be required before we begin rebuilding your mouth.

If you are ready to restore your teeth and chew well again, call us today at 502-785-8695 or use our convenient online form.

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