“What does your smile say about you? Teeth that are straight, free of stains, and flawless in appearance convey confidence and grace. But what if your teeth are the opposite and leave you feeling unattractive? Through cosmetic dentistry, our skilled team in Louisville, Kentucky will create the confident smile you’ve always envisioned. A beautiful smile — your beautiful smile — is where artistry and health meet.

How do I get that healthy-teeth gleam?

Over the years, your smile can dull with age or become discolored due to diet, health factors, or tobacco use. Teeth whitening is a simple way to return your teeth to the bright white of your youth. Receive safe, professional-grade whitening treatment in our office. Learn more about our Zoom! and KöR whitening offerings.

Can I conceal dental imperfections?

Dental veneers, once a luxury reserved for celebrities and pop stars, can now easily be obtained with our Louisville, KY dentist. Our porcelain veneers are made in special dental labs in California — the home of the Hollywood confident smile. With these porcelain facades, you can conceal displeasing discoloration or misshapen teeth. The natural translucency you envy in healthy, beautiful teeth can be your own with veneers.

We also offer tooth bonding as an option for restoring the appearance of your chipped or cracked teeth. Dr. Gill will discuss the benefits of each option with you and find the solution that will best deliver the results you desire.

Can I get straight teeth without metal braces?

Getting your teeth in line doesn’t have to mean looking like a high schooler again. Louisville, KY dentist, Dr. Gill is a preferred provider of Invisalign, a discreet form of orthodontics that uses a series of clear trays to move your teeth into alignment without interfering with your image or your lifestyle.

Call us today at 502-785-8695 or use our convenient online form to begin Smile Design and get the confident smile you’ve always wanted.”

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