How Cosmetic Tooth Bonding Can Fix Your Smile

It’s good to know what you’re potentially getting into before you go to the dentist. Though you are aware of what to expect from a regular teeth-cleaning and checkup, what if you have a damaged tooth or want a small cosmetic upgrade? Your dentist just might recommend cosmetic tooth bonding, a quick, versatile cosmetic dentistry solution.

Dental Problems Fixed by Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

Cosmetic tooth bonding is also known as dental bonding. Whatever you call it, the process is the same – the tooth is prepped, tooth-colored resin is applied, the material is shaped to match neighboring teeth, a special light hardens the bonding material, and the tooth is gently polished. In all, the procedure takes about 30 minutes per tooth to complete and the work is easily finished in one dental visit.

If you have any of the following problems and you think that a porcelain crown or veneer is the only option for you, think again. Cosmetic tooth bonding might be just the answer.

  • Stains or discoloration: Some people do not qualify for professional teeth whitening. The kinds of stains they have will not respond to bleaching. Bonding, however, can cover up the color that stands out from the rest of your teeth in a bad way, ending the reign of terror by a few unsightly teeth.
  • Breaks or cracks: Any break, chip, or crack to a tooth must be addressed immediately if you want to prevent bacteria, food particles, or plaque from entering the depths of the tooth and wreaking havoc. Dental bonding covers up a compromised tooth, even if the damage seems minimal – because any small problem can quickly become a big problem.
  • Tooth decay: Some cavities are rather large and if a tooth-colored filling isn’t big enough but a crown is perhaps too robust, a tooth bonding solution can fill in where the excavated decay has left a space.
  • Misshapen: Some teeth are perfectly healthy but they’re not all that pretty to look at. A misshapen tooth can be sculpted into a new form that matches the teeth around it so it doesn’t stand out for being unsightly.
  • Gaps or misalignment: Not too happy about the alignment of your teeth? Dental bonding can fill in the gaps or cover up crooked teeth to make everything look far more orderly and pulled together.

A Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry Solution

Generally speaking, and given its name, cosmetic tooth bonding is mostly known as a cosmetic dentistry treatment. But as the list above makes clear, its powers are also restorative and can alter your oral health dramatically with just one minor procedure.

If you’re concerned about an invasive or costly dental treatment, let your dentist know. You may discover that dental bonding is a viable solution that transforms your smile and corrects the problems you’re dealing with.

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