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Natural Smiles • Apr 09, 2017

Fear of the dentist is a common condition. But unlike some fears, like a fear of heights or a fear of closed-in spaces, a fear of the dentist can have result in problems with your mouth and your health.
People who fear the dentist tend to not have routine exams twice a year. They postpone little problems until they become bigger ones that are more expensive and time-consuming to treat.
At Natural Smiles in Louisville, KY, we understand dental anxiety and take measures to put you fully at ease. Come in and experience the Dental Zen Experience at Natural Smiles.

Dental Anxiety And Phobia
Dental anxiety is a universal phenomenon. Between 9 percent and 20 percent of Americans avoid going to the dentist because of anxiety. Some signs of dental anxiety include:

  • Feelings of nervousness in the dental office while waiting to be seen
  • Trouble sleeping the night before a dental procedure

Dental phobia is a more serious condition that makes people panic-stricken at the thought of going to the dentist. They may put off dental treatment even if they’re in a lot of pain. Some signs of dental phobia are

  • Feeling physically ill at the thought of going to the dentist
  • Crying in anticipation of an appointment
  • Intense uneasiness during treatment that makes you feel like you can’t breathe

What Causes Dental Anxiety And Phobia?
Some people fear the pain that they associate with dental procedures. They may have experienced something unpleasant years ago and have never forgotten. There have been so many advances in technology in the last few years though, that today’s dental procedures are a lot less painful or even pain-free.
Some patients really hate the feeling of numbness (a feeling of a “fat lip”) that is brought on by local anesthesia, especially when it hangs on after the procedure is over.
Some people react badly to the mere sound of the dental drill.
Many patients have a fear of injections. It’s especially intense when the injection is going into tender gums.
Those patients who like to feel in control at all times might be a little uncomfortable sitting in a dental chair with their mouth wide open, unable to talk.

What We Can Do To Help
We want to do what’s possible to help you feel at ease at the dentist’s office. At our Louisville, KY dental office, we like to call our efforts the Dental Zen Experience. It’s a way of soothing both the mind and the mouth when you come into our office.

What Is The Dental Zen Experience?
When you arrive at our office, a staff member will welcome you with a handshake. We want you to feel welcome the first minute you’re here.
When you actually get into the chair, you’ll be made cozy with a fluffy blanket. If you’re still chilly, we will offer you warm mittens and a heated neck pillow. You can even enjoy a hot cup of tea from our Keurig machine. Juice and spring water are available as well if that’s what you’d rather have.
After your procedure, we’ll provide you with a gently scented hot hand towel for your face and hands.

How Does The Dental Zen Experience Reduce Anxiety?
If you are one of the many people who can’t overcome their dental anxiety to get the care they want or need, we can help. Dr. Gill brings a compassionate approach to dentistry in Louisville, KY. If it’s that dental drill that makes you anxious or afraid, we have noise-canceling headphones. You can choose and listen to your own playlist during a procedure. If you like visual distractions, we also offer movies or TV. Our TVs are located overhead for your convenience.

What If I Need More Than Distractions?
Every patient is different. That’s why we offer sedation. We offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) sedation as a way of managing patients’ pain and anxiety. Nitrous oxide has been used safely and effectively for years. There are no residual effects either.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using natural oils to enhance psychological well-being. We use lavender, mint, and other essential oils to help you relax. Add to that our neck pillows that are filled with flax seed and scented with natural herbs, and you have a comfortable dental visit After your treatment, we will offer you a fragrant hot hand towel for your face and hands.

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Don’t put off dental treatment because you fear the dentist. It’s important that you care for your teeth even before there are problems. Call 502-804-5420 for an appointment or use our online form. Let us show you an anxiety-free dental experience.

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