Give Dad the Gift of a Killer Smile

Natural Smiles • Jun 06, 2018

There’s a myth about cosmetic dentistry that just won’t go away. That myth is that only movie stars and women are interested in having a brilliant smile.
Studies show that people who smile freely and often are viewed as more likeable and trustworthy. Men around the world – including men in Louisville, KY – are enhancing their professional and social success by using cosmetic dentistry to give them a smile that they’re proud to show.
Which brings us to Dad. And Father’s Day.
You love to see your Dad smile, yes? This year, why not give him something much better than another necktie or socket set for his special day?

It’s Give Your Dad A Great Smile Day!
At Natural Smiles in Louisville, KY, Dr. Kiran Gill offers a variety of comfortable dentistry options to help your Dad have the best Father’s Day ever!

Teeth Whitening
Let’s face it – Dad’s done a fair amount of living. But life can be hard on teeth and hard on how they look. Coffee and other beverages, certain foods, and tobacco can and will turn white teeth to dingy teeth.
Forget the drugstore whitening products. They vary in effectiveness and ease of use. Because of those two problems, people often wind up using the products more often than they should, leading to tooth an/or gum sensitivity.
At Natural Smiles in Louisville, KY, we offer two options for safe and effective professional teeth whitening: Zoom and KöR.
Zoom teeth whitening includes a concentrated gel that we will apply to your teeth, ensuring even coverage. We then use a special laser to activate the whitening agent in that gel, lifting the stains and whitening your enamel. Zoom can safely produce remarkably whiter teeth in just one session.
KöR teeth whitening can produce dramatic whitening results – up to 16 shades whiter. And you needn’t worry about your teeth becoming sensitive. KöR includes a special agent to prevent that.

Dental Veneers
Age can thin the enamel on your teeth, allowing the darker layer beneath to show through. Age can also bring chipped teeth, pitted enamel, and a host of other cosmetic problems.
For a quick and easy solution to those issues, dental veneers are the answer. Veneers are very thin pieces of realistic-looking porcelain that are adhered to the fronts of the teeth. Porcelain catches the light in a very natural way, so veneers are undetectable once they’re in place.
Veneers will cover deep stains, chips, cracks, and more. They can even hide slight irregularities in teeth and small gaps! The result is a beautiful smile that Dad will be proud to show.
And at Natural Smiles in Louisville, KY, Dad can even see how he’ll look with veneers. Dr. Gill will provide a trial set of “mock” veneers that will last a day or so.

Are Dad’s teeth not as straight as they could be? Invisalign clear aligners are the answer for busy adults.
Unlike traditional, embarrassing braces, Invisalign aligners are virtually undetectable once they’re in place. The customized aligners gradually and comfortable move teeth into their desired locations. The aligners are removed for eating and for brushing and flossing as usual. The length of treatment varies, but Invisalign treatment can often last as little as six months!

Give Dad The Gift Of A Great SmileMake this Father’s Day one to remember! Call our Louisville, KY dental office today at 502-414-0146 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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