Dental Anxiety Disappears with Dental Zen

Natural Smiles • Feb 19, 2018

Dental offices aren’t known for being relaxing places. In fact, if you have dental anxiety, your heart may start racing when you even think about going in for a checkup. Maybe you are so used to the typical cold, clinical-feeling dentistry practice that you think that’s how it has to be.
At Natural Smiles, we’ve set out to create a new sort of dental office. We believe in turning convention on its head and working to create an environment and experience that’s comfortable, stress free, and even relaxing. We want you to walk in the door and wonder if you’ve accidentally stumbled into a spa. We call our approach Dental Zen.
To experience Dental Zen in Louisville, KY, call Natural Smiles for an appointment at 502-414-0146.

A Warm Welcome
If you are fearful about visiting the dentist, your anxiety may begin before you even arrive at our office. Perhaps you suffered insomnia the night before, and your nervousness has been increasing throughout the day. At most places, when you arrive for your appointment, you would find yourself sitting in an uncomfortable chair in a sparse waiting room, alone as your anxiousness peaks and completely overtakes your thoughts.
Contrast that with an appointment at Natural Smiles. You will open the door, and feel like you are walking into someone’s cozy living room decorated in soothing shades of blue and green. A staff member will approach you and greet you with a smile and a handshake. (Can you feel your anxiety decreasing already?) As you wait in one of our comfortable seats, you can pass the time with a hot cup of coffee or tea, spring water, or juice. Dental Zen begins the moment you cross the threshold — and continues through your entire visit.

Our People Make a Difference
It’s simple, really. Being treated well and with compassion goes a long way toward easing anxiety and making you feel good. At Natural Smiles, all of our employees are natural people people.
Plus they are consummate professionals, skilled at their jobs and knowledgeable about making even the most nervous and fearful patients feel safe, comfortable, and at ease. We are also experienced with keeping kids calm and happy in the dentist’s chair. You can be confident that you and your family will be treated right.

Unexpected Amenities
When you picture the typical dental exam room, do you think of a cold, whitewashed room with harsh lighting and an uncomfortable chair? At Natural Smiles, we want to change your perception of visiting the dentist. We have numerous amenities and perks to make your appointment with us not only tolerable, but pleasant. Yes, you heard that right: we strive to create a pleasant dental experience.

  • Our office is decorated in soothing colors for a calming effect on the mind.
  • Rest your neck on a soft pillow for optimum comfort. Our neck pillows are filled with flax seed and aromatic herbs for a relaxing dose of aromatherapy.
  • Warm blankets will keep you cozy as you’re reclined in the chair.
  • Enjoy a hot coffee or tea from our Keurig machine.
  • No more just staring at the ceiling while your mouth is being worked on. We have music playlists and ceiling mounted TVs. Listen to tunes or a favorite show through noise-cancelling headphones that keep your mind blissfully distracted from your dental work.
  • Finish off your treatment with a hot scented towel for your hands and face.

Dental Sedation
If you have dental anxiety, you may need a little something extra beyond our comfort options to put you at ease. We offer nitrous oxide dental sedation to take the edge off. Nitrous is mixed with oxygen and administered through a small mask over your nose. It is completely safe and will not put you to sleep. You will be aware of what’s going around you, but just more relaxed and calm. The effects of nitrous wear off quickly, so you will be able to drive yourself home without a problem.

Modern Techniques
If you have dental anxiety, chances are it stems from bad experiences in the past. As a general rule, as computers and digital technology have been introduced to the field, techniques have become faster, less invasive, and less uncomfortable.
Dr. Kiran Gill of Natural Smiles understands the benefits of bringing the latest innovations to her patients. To that end, she completes extensive ongoing education every year — as much as three times the ADA’s required amount.  

Discover Dental Zen, and feel your dental anxiety melt away. To book an appointment at Natural Smiles, call our Louisville, KY office at 502-414-0146. Or skip the phone and fill out our online form.  

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