Can You Help Me Relax At The Dentist?

Natural Smiles • Sep 01, 2018

Experiencing some level of anxiety at the thought of visiting the dentist is very common. While estimates differ at the very least tens of millions of people dread the thought of having any dental work done, even a cleaning. That’s a shame, because fear of the dentist keeps many people from getting needed dental care. Louisville, KY dentist Dr. Kiran Gill of Natural Smiles is determined to help people have their most relaxed dental appointment s ever.

Introducing the Dental Zen Experience
Natural Smiles has created a unique, relaxation-focused experience for our patients. The Dental Zen Experience begins with a warm welcome from our staff followed by a variety of comfort options once you’re seated in the chair. Choose from a warm, cozy blanket; warm mittens; and a heated neck pillow infused with scented with natural herbs to help you relax while you’re with us. You’re in control of what options, if any, you’d like.
We know that sometimes the sights and sounds are the unsettling parts of a dental appointment. Noise-cancelling headphones with your song playlist are available on request, or you can watch TV on our overhead screens.
Once your appointment is over, enjoy the refreshment of a hot, scented hand towel.
Dr. Gill knows that a very calming environment and caring, supportive people aren’t necessarily enough to help some people relax. That’s why Natural Smiles in Louisville, KY also offers inhaled sedation. This form of sedation has been used safely for nearly 100 years. Inhaled sedation is short-acting, causes a sense of relaxation and even a mild euphoria in some people, and leaves no after-effects. You’ll be able to drive yourself to and from your appointment.

Jenna B’s Experience
It’s fair to say that Jenna was not a fan of dentists or dental offices. That changed after she consulted Dr. Kiran Gill of Natural Smiles in Louisville, KY and discovered what a relaxed dental appointment is like.
“I’m normally terrified to go to the dentist office,” she said. “It’s like, absolutely do not like going to the dentist… until I came here. Now, my anxiety is way down when I come here. I used to need laughing gas or, like, anxiety pills before I come, and now I don’t.”
You can watch Jenna B’s video on YouTube.  

We Get It
All of us at Natural Smiles want you to have your most beautiful smile, your healthiest mouth, and very relaxed dental appointments. We don’t judge you or anyone for being nervous or scared. We focus on doing everything possible to help you relax and get the dental care you need.
We invite you to discover just how relaxed and comfortable your dental appointments can be. Get started by calling our Louisville, KY office at 502-414-0146 to arrange an appointment or use our convenient online form. If you like, stop by our practice. We’re located at 4010 Dupont Circle, Suite 469 and we’re open Monday through Thursday. We’ll be happy to get to know you and to show you around.

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