Can A Simple Pinhole Restore Your Gum Line?

Natural Smiles • Sep 10, 2018

Receding gums affect you smile and your health. Your gums are intended to closely surround your teeth, supporting them and acting to keep disease-causing bacteria away from the tooth roots. But when gums recede – often due to poor brushing technique, gum disease, or other factors – your teeth can be at risk. Fortunately, Dr. Kiran Gill of Natural Smiles in Louisville, KY offers a revolutionary treatment for gum recession.

It Starts With A Pinhole, Not An Incision
Dr. Gill addressed the problem of receding gums via the Chao Pinhole® surgical technique, a deceptively simple way of restoring the gumline. Rather than harvesting tissue from inside the mouth and then suturing it in place to restore the gumline, Dr. Gill begins by thoroughly numbing the area to be treated. She then makes a tiny pinhole in the gum and, using a special instrument, gently loosens, lifts, and repositions the gum.
The entire process is very quick and multiple areas can often be treated in one session. That’s why the Chao Pinhole® surgical technique is often called the “lunchtime gum lift.”

The Many Advantages
Gum grafting, which uses tissue from inside your mouth or donor tissue, can be painful and has a fairly long healing time. For most people, the healing process from a single procedure can take up to several weeks. While infection during healing isn’t common, it does happen, and that will need to be dealt with promptly.
The Chao Pinhole® surgical technique results in what the vast majority of patients refer to as discomfort, and almost all of them manage that discomfort with over the counter pain medications. Healing is typically a matter of a few days rather than a few weeks and infection rates during healing are very low.
While not always a lengthy procedure, gum grafting nevertheless takes some time, and even more time if multiple procedures are required. The dentist might decide to let one graft heal before proceeding with another. That means more appointments with more time out of your schedule not to mention recurrent episodes of pain and healing.
As noted, the Chao Pinhole® surgical technique can address multiple problem areas in the gum in a single sitting. Depending on the degree of recession, it may be possible to complete your entire gum recession treatment in a single appointment. You can focus on the rest of your life rather than recurring dental appointments.

Get Lasting Results
One of the concerns that patients have about such a seemingly simple technique is that there gums will slip back following the procedure. That’s understandable. However, it’s fairly common for the gains to remain for nine years or even more! That makes it a very worthwhile investment to have Dr. Kirin Gill of Natural Smiles restore your gumline with the Chao Pinhole® surgical technique.
Gum recession treatment will help safeguard and protect your teeth and also do wonders for your smile. Get started by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Gill at Natural Smiles in Louisville, KY. Call our office at 502-414-0146 today.

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