5 Facts About Pinhole Gum Treatment

Many people mistakenly believe gum grafts are the only way to correct recessed gums, a procedure that causes discomfort and takes quite a lot of time to heal. Enter pinhole gum treatment, a less-invasive alternative that repairs the cosmetic and functional complications of gum recession. Here are some of the most important things to know about this procedure.

1. No Scalpels or Sutures Necessary

Anyone who is anxious about dental tools, and even patients who are not, often find themselves feeling wary about gum recession procedures and avoid going to the dentist for help with this problem because of their fear. But pinhole gum treatment bypasses the use of scalpels and sutures. The treatment is minimally invasive and corrects gum recession both functionally and cosmetically so your teeth work better and look better.

2. Simple and Straightforward Procedure

There are very small pinholes made in the gum tissue, which allow your Louisville dentist to loosen the gums and reposition them over the recession to conceal the complication. Collagen is also inserted into the pinholes and work hard to hold the adjustments in place. Just two days after the procedure, the pinholes shrink and are nearly indetectable, making healing complete.

3. Enjoy Fast Healing

Also known as pinhole gum rejuvenation, pinhole gum treatment is designed to repair gum recession quickly and with as little discomfort as possible. Unlike the surgical procedure of gum grafts that requires gum tissue to be cut from the roof of the mouth and transplanted to the recessed area using sutures, there are no open wounds, stitches, or swelling with the pinhole procedure.

4. Get Immediate Results

Gum grafts are undesirable not only because of their side effects but because it does take time for the results to be clear. With pinhole gum rejuvenation, the change is immediately noticeable. You can smile big and wide and be proud to reveal all your teeth without feeling self-conscious about showing too much tooth. Sensitivity will disappear too.

5. Don’t Count Yourself Out

Most people with gum recession can benefit from pinhole gum rejuvenation. Depending on what’s causing the problem though, other treatment may be necessary first. Gum disease, in particular, will need to be cleaned up before any repairs can commence. Some people develop receding gums because of genetics, while others grind their teeth or brush aggressively and damage their gums.

Truly Fix the Unsightliness and Pain

Gum recession is painful, creates an unsightly smile, and leads to oral health complications. It’s not a condition to learn to live with, it’s a problem to have treated as soon as possible. When the gums aren’t covering enough tooth enamel and the roots begin to show, pain develops and the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease increases.

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