4 Reasons to Give Thanks for Gummy Smile Treatment

Do you have a gummy smile? You know it if you do. There is just as much gum tissue as there is tooth enamel, if not more, and you daydream about a more symmetrical smile. There is an amazing innovation in dentistry that allows for the recontouring of the gums to create a beautiful smile that shows off more teeth than anything. Plenty of cosmetic dentistry patients are thankful for their transformative gummy smile treatment.

1. Get a Bigger Smile

Undergoing gummy smile treatment for the removal of excess gum tissue broadens a person’s smile and makes it look taller, bigger, and more attractive. You can enhance this smile and make it even bigger by investing in advanced cosmetic dentistry.

Once the laser gum contouring reveals more tooth enamel and the gum line is meticulously shaped, some patients choose to leave things as they are, perhaps opting for a teeth-whitening treatment for an even appearance and bright teeth. Other patients invest in customized porcelain veneers which now have plenty of room to fit on natural teeth and broaden a smile even more so it’s white, straight, and utterly flawless.

2. Make Short Teeth Disappear

Short teeth are not something you have to live with forever. Gummy smile treatment elongates teeth by removing overgrown gum tissue, a problem that has several possible causes:

  • Partial eruption: Poorly erupted teeth create the illusion of short teeth because they are partially covered by gum tissue.
  • Enlarged gums: Swollen or inflamed gums are diagnosed as gum overgrowth or gingival enlargement, a side effect of gingivitis, the earliest stage of gum disease.
  • Excess lip size: A hyperactive upper lip moves too high when you smile and a hypermobile upper lip is too short, both conditions showing off more gum tissue than you might like.
  • Jaw overgrowth: The gums tend to bulge out when the upper jaw is overgrown, making them far more noticeable.

Whether it’s genetics or infection that has contributed to short teeth, gummy smile treatment can be used to transform a smile with excess gum tissue and kickstart your smile makeover.

3. Improve Self-Confidence

Like a noticeable gap between the front teeth or a prominent canine tooth, a gummy smile is something that people either embrace or hate. If you fall into the latter category and excess gum tissue has always interfered with your self-esteem, getting laser gum contouring can change your life.

Imagine feeling so good about how your teeth look that you want to smile big as often as possible, that you are confident about the appearance of your teeth every minute of the day.

4. Enjoy a Balanced Smile

The best-looking smiles are balanced and symmetrical, but not everyone comes by these characteristics naturally. Through precision and a sophisticated dental laser, unwanted gum tissue is eliminated and the gum line is reshaped for the best gums-to-teeth ratio. There isn’t one solution for how much of your teeth are revealed, but there is the one right answer for you when it comes to the amount of tissue removal.

Gummy smile treatment reshapes and trims a person’s smile in just about 30 minutes with the need for only local anesthetic. Find out if you’re a good candidate. Contact Natural Smiles to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kiran Gill.

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