3 Ways That Food Can Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Natural Smiles • Jul 19, 2019

Summer snacks can be hard on our teeth, especially for children who are tempted by unhealthy choices. After all, cavities are common among children, and their diet determines most of the risk. The good news is that it is possible for children to enjoy all of the season’s flavors and maintain a healthy mouth. The key is to recognize and focus on the healthy options while enjoying the others in moderation.
Choose Healthy DrinksKids get hot when they play outside, and they need to get plenty of fluids to cool down. Water is the healthiest choice by a gigantic margin. Highly acidic drinks wear down tooth enamel, while sugary drinks feed the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Small amounts are fine, but it is all too easy to drink too much. There are a few particularly common choices that can cause a lot of trouble.

  • Soda is high in sugar and acid.
  • Fruit juice often has added sugar, which can be dangerous. Look for pure juice without any additional sweeteners.
  • Sports drinks tend to be acidic, and some of them also have too much sugar.

Avoid Sticky SugarAll people have bacteria living in their mouths. Those bacteria cause tooth decay when they eat sugar off of the teeth. That means that sugar which sticks around is more dangerous than other kinds. Candy, trail mix, and plenty of other snacks tend to stick around. Avoiding sticky sugar and brushing regularly to get any lingering sugar off of the teeth can do a lot to cut down on tooth decay.
Strive for Good NutritionThere are also foods that can help to protect a child’s mouth. They need lots of calcium to strengthen their teeth and plenty of vitamin C for their gums. A balanced diet should provide everything they need, but there are foods that are especially helpful.

  • Dairy products and dark green vegetables, such as spinach, have plenty of calcium.
  • Vitamin C comes from fresh fruits and vegetables.

We know that it can be tricky to stay healthy, especially when everyone is active and traveling for the summer. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment, check up on your children’s teeth, and learn more about maintaining good oral health.

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